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Karen Wandner

Karin Elizabeth Wandner

Wellness of body and mind is the focus of Karin's Pilates practice. A life-long student of Pilates, movement and the body, Karin graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in American Studies and an emphasis in Modern Dance. She received her Pilates certification in 1997 from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, and also holds a massage practitioner license from the Cypress Health Institute, Santa Cruz. Whether she is training professional performers and athletes to hone their physical abilities or assisting in the healing and prevention of common problems such as knee and back injuries, Karin fosters knowledge and understanding of body mechanics. Clients are empowered to both maximize the effectiveness of their workouts and utilize their learning throughout their daily activities. This includes effectively helping postpartum women regain their abdominal strength and addressing diastasis recti when it has occurred due to pregnancy or injury. Karin currently resides and teaches in Los Angeles.

Cheryl Montelle

Certified Pilates teacher, Cheryl Montelle has been teaching Pilates for 25 years. She had the supreme good fortune as a young dancer with scoliosis to study with one of Joe Pilates's protégés, and acclaimed master Pilates teacher Kathy Grant in New York City. In Los Angeles Cheryl continued her studies with well-known Pilates teacher, Jillian Hessel and subsequently became Jillian's first hired teacher at her studio, The Well-Tempered Workout, and taught there for 7 years. She then opened her own Pilates business called, The Fun No-Nonsense Workout, where she employed several Pilates instructors as the popularity of her studios grew. She scaled down her business after the birth of her daughter in 1998 and now happily teaches at Pilates By The Park. Cheryl has taught Pilates in the Dance Department of CalArts in Valencia, CA, and continues to teach students at CalArts each July in the dance program for The California State Summer School of the Arts, (CSSSA). She is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, and has been a featured writer for their magazine, "The Hundred". She has been a guest teacher at various workshops including the L.A. Pilates Intensive, a Classical Pilates event, where she taught selected mat work exercises of Kathy Grant and Carola Trier. She also co-created and taught the Pilates portion of, Deep Sea Diving in The Dessert, a weekend retreat that incorporated Pilates, writing, and cranio/sacral therapy. After all these years, what inspires Cheryl about teaching Pilates is assisting her students to find their center through utilizing breath and engaging deep core muscles, which not only improves posture, but also creates a greater sense of well being throughout the whole body, along with a deeper sense of connection to self. For more information please go to cherylmontelle.com.

Monica Kaye

With a rich and diverse background in dance, yoga, massage, athletics and academics, Monica brings her passion for wellness in body, mind and spirit to her Pilates practice and her teaching. Born and raised in Washington State, her beginnings as a classical ballet dancer helped to set the stage for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the body. Monica achieved certification for Pilates through the internationally recognized BASI system. In addition to Pilates, Monica is also a certified yoga instructor through City Yoga and she is trained in the Level 1 GYROTONIC® Expansion System. Monica's approach to fitness is through the eyes of a dancer. One must be dedicated and attentive to detail as well as consistent in order to achieve results. It's hard work, there's no way around it. But, it can still be fun and playful! Fitness should be a celebration of gratitude for the bodies and lives that we are given. Monica is truly grateful for hers and she is dedicated to sharing her gifts and knowledge to all those who seek an increased awareness of mind, body and spirit through movement.

Gail Bianchi

Gail shares with her clients her enthusiasm for learning to use our bodies with strength, grace and efficiency in the studio and everyday life. She received her Pilates certification through the PMA-endorsed Pilates Sports Center in Encino, CA, with master instructors Lora Anderson and Nichole Barretto. Gail encountered the unique benefits of Pilates while studying dance at the University of Illinois, and was taken with its targeted core control and muscular lengthening. After performing and touring as a professional dancer, she now enjoys helping clients to create strength and uncover their own physical potential through the Pilates method. She has experience in fitness settings as well as chiropractic/physical therapy clinics. Gail has additional CEC's in Pre-Natal Pilates, Reformer for Men, and Common Spine Problems and Protocol, and continues her own studies to enrich her clients' sessions.

Shana Stark

Shana is a classically trained Pilates instructor since 2006. She began Pilates and fitness training from a personal desire to change her body. She practiced Pilates to build muscle strength, improve flexibility and posture after a tremendous amount of weight loss. Shana decided to become a Pilates instructor because she went through her own transformation and wants to help others do the same. She enjoys creating strong workouts tailored to the individual focusing on muscle strength, tone and definition. She understands how to challenge clients and encourage them to do exercises they never thought they could do. Her clients achieve dramatic changes and together they enjoy seeing the results.

Jillian Stein

After receiving her BFA in choreography from Arizona State University in 2000, Jillian has gone on to obtain both a Professional Diploma in contemporary dance technique as well as her MA in choreography from the Laban Institute in London. Jillian began her training in Pilates in 2000 in accordance to her interest in dance and instilling technique in other's bodies. Her belief in Pilates technique led her to accomplish her teaching certification through Balanced Body in 2010. Her philosophy is that Pilates is a tool to help people move in accordance to proper bio mechanics.Her focus on alignment and mind to body connectivity is geared towards building greater self-awareness of how one moves. She believes that this approach encourages overall health and well being, and caters to her clients individual bodily needs and fitness goals.